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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Welcome to Year 1H


Our school doors open at 8.40am.

We like to be sitting on the carpet and ready to begin our brand new day of learning by 8.50am.

Our school day finishes at 1.40pm.


PE days are Monday and Wednesday.

Each child needs to bring their snack and dinner money to school every Monday morning in a named envelop.

Snack is £2.00 per week and dinner money is £2.60 per day.

Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Endeavor Awards

Summer Disco

In Year 1 we learn lots of words and we complete different little word tests. Imagine getting every single word correct durring the whole school year!

We enjoyed learning all about Florence Nightingale. We completed a timeline to show the main events of her life.

We used cork boards, tacks and wooden shapes to create pictures of people who help us and some of the different vehicles that are used by them

Congratulations to our award winners for May

Our fun filled day at Clementsmount Farm

Making models of vehicles and cone shaped figures of people who help us

Sports Day - We had so much fun taking part in all our different races.

We enjoyed painting pictures of people who help us and the vehicles they drive.

Two girls in our class have been to school every single day. Well done!!!

Monthly Award Winners for April. Congratulations.

We had a brilliant time during our Numeracy Day. We were allowed to wear our own clothes with numbers on them and we took part in lots of different Numeracy activities, such as making shapes with ropes, measuring lines with our feet, counting and clapping games, dice games, what time is it Mr Wolf? etc.

A special little four legged visitor came to school. We were allowed to pet him and chat with his owner about what calves eat, where they sleep, etc

Award winners for March - a super job kids

Making chocolate nests for Easter.

Finger print flowers. We had to make sure we had the correct number of petals on each flower.

As part of our Change Over Time topic, we learnt about mummy and baby animals.

Silly Sock Day. What a lot of silly socks.

The Big Workout Day. We were puffed out but we all had brilliant fun being active.

February Monthly Awards - Super Job

What a lot of interesting costumes to celebrate World Book Day

We observed how water changes into ice when it is frozen and how it changes back into water again when it melts.

Using magnetic letters to make winter words.

Working with Numicon

Making penguins with moving feet.

January Monthly Award - Well Done!

Putting Winter objects in order according to size.

We are enjoying our Topic on Winter. We have been learning about animals that hibernate

Sorting using Tree Diagrams

Congratulations to our December Monthly Award Winners

We made Santas with moving arms and legs using card, glue, scissors, split pins and cotton wool.

Making a sleigh for Santa from junk material. The sleigh had to have a place for presents and a seat for Santa to sit on.

Santa came to visit us. He gave each of us a present and told us that we all need to go to bed early on Christmas Eve.

Poor Santa is very tired. He's catching forty winks. He has been working so hard and there is still so much to do!

Yummy Christmas Dinner

Look at all the style of our Christmas Jumpers.

Portadown College kindly invited us to their school to take part in a "Santa Trail". It was very exciting with lots of different activities and games and of couse, there was a special visitor who gave out presents.

Monthly awards for November. Super job!

A theatre company came to visit our school. Their performance was based on the story of "Puss in Boots"

Congratulations to our Monthly Winners for October. Great Work!

Purple Day.

As part of our Topic of Goldilocks, we completed some work based on porridge. We had a go at helping to make it, tasted hot and cold porridge and looked at the history of it linked with a local porridge maker. We also talked about how important it is to have a healthy breakfast and how porridge can be healthy along with other natural foods.

We discussed the different events that take place in the story of Goldilocks and practised putting them in order. We then illustrated this in the form of story maps.

Goldilocks did some very naughty things and is now "wanted". We decided to make some posters for our classroom.

Learning about our senses. - Each of us had the opportunity to cover our eyes and guess different kinds of food by how they tasted.

In our class, we talked about the different sounds we can hear in the classroom, at home and outside. We talked about Storm Ophelia and how we could hear the wind. We had a discussion about other weather sounds as well. Everyone had fun singing the nursery rhyme "I Hear Thunder" and we used it to complete a sequencing activity.

We enjoyed looking at photos of ourselves as babies and compared them with what we look like now. To help us think about what we needed when we were babies and how we need different things now, we had a go at sorting items into two sets labelled "then" and "now"

Using recycled materials and different kinds of glue to make our own houses.

We talked about how we are all different and can have different favourite things. Some of us had favourite stories like "Pirates Love Underpants" and "Aliens Love Underpants" - both by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We thought we would have a go at designing and creating some pants. Look at all our patterns.

Lots of fun Maths activities

Our "green" non uniform day.

Our Monthly Award winners for September. Well done!

Lots of practical learning with Numicon

Learning football skills with our Football Coach