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People Who Help Us - We dressed up as different kinds of people who help us and made up some plays. We enjoyed performing them for our class.

As part of our topic work on "People Who Help Us", we went to visit Clementsmount Farm.

Whacky Hair Day

We wrote sentences and made cardoard cut-outs of different people who help us. We used split pins so that our cardboard figures could have moving limbs.

Award winners for May/June - Congratulations !

We have started a new topic on "People Who Help Us". The school lollipop lady came in and talked to us about how she can help us be safe on the road.

Sport's Day. - Weather was great and the children had a brilliant day.

Award winners for April - Well Done !

Our school raised money to help the people of Swaziland have clean water. The childrens' choir from Swaziland came to visit our school and we really enjoyed their singing.

March Awards - Congratulations to our winners!

Fitness Freddie - showing us that it is fun to keep fit!

Change Over Time - Year 1H wanted to find out about farming life long ago. We disussed how we could do this and decided we would look at books and research the internet. We found out that a farmer's wife (and other wives) would have washed clothes using a washboard and some of us had a go at this. Phew...... hard work!

Change Over Time - Spring brings lots of changes such as baby animals being born. Year 1H enjoyed matching the baby and mummy animals.

Chang Over Time - Weather Watching. We observed how the weather changed during the school day, over a week and over a fortnight. We recorded what we observed on weekly tables.

Year 1 Assembly - Rise and Shine.

Change Over Time - Planting seeds

Change Over Time - We were looking at flowers and how they change as they grow. We made pictures of flowers by using our fingers to print the correct number of petals. We had to count as we went along.

Our monthly award winners for February. - Well done!

Winter - Making penguins with moving parts. We used different coloured card, glue and split pins.

Congratulations to our Monthly Award Winners for January -

Winter - Making patterns using Winter based picture cards and playing games with Winter numberlines in the Numeracy Area

Winter - Looking for Winter words in the Library Area. Some of us made lists of Winter words using whiteboards or magnetic letters.

Winter - Y1H love animals and were interested to learn that some hibernate over the Winter months. We tried a sorting activity where we placed some animals that hibernate on one side of the page and others that don't on the other side.

Our topic is Winter. - We are learning about the different items of clothing we can put on to help keep us warm. We are learning some Winter clothing words ie hat, mitten, boots, scarf and coat.

Making and comparing different sets. Which set has more? Which set has less? What is the difference?

Our December monthly winners. Well done

Great fun at the school disco! Lots of energy was needed.

Congratulations to our November monthly winners

Making bears with moving parts.

Creating story maps of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The boys and girls in our class felt sorry for Baby Bear because Goldilocks broke his chair and he had nowhere to sit. We decided we would try to make a new chair for him.

We had a lovely walk to St Mark's Chruch to see the Teddy Bear Bible Festival. There were lots of teddies all dressed up to show different characters and stories from the Bible. It was amazing and we had a brilliant time.