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Remember -

* School starts at 8.50 am and children go home at 1.50 pm.

* Snack money- £2.00 per week

* Dinner costs - £2.20 per day or £11.00 per week

All money must be sent to school on a Monday Morning in a named envelope.

Special Treat Day 

for achieving all the marbles in the jar for good behaviour and kindness.


Children wore their normal clothes or came to school fancy dress.

A movie was shown and we had a McDonald's happy meal for lunch

a super treat - Well done Y1 OB!

Holidays for Term 3


4th May, 2015


7th and 8th May, 2015


25th May, 2015


School Finishes 30th June, 2015

It is vitally important that you go over sounds and build words EVERY NIGHT to develop phonic skills and confidence for reading.

The following words can be made using the following letters -

s, a, t, p, i, n


in, it, is, an, as, at,

pin, sin, tin,

nip, tip, sip,

pit, sit,

pat, sat,

pan, tan,

nap, sap. tap,

ant, its




Each month awards are given out in a special Assembly for each class.

Awards are given for

* Literacy

* Numeracy


* Good Manners


As well as receiving a certificate the children also receive a gift.


Well Done a Great Achievement!

We have been learning how to tear and cut paper into strips!
We watched some construction work from Mrs Willis' classroom.
We discussed the features on our face and painted faces using paper plates.
We can sort a set of objects from the sorting boxes.

Play Based Learning - September

Topic - Myself


During Play based Learning -

"Can we make decorations for the house corner so it's like a party?"

Activity - we made colourful bunting.

Body parts - drawing around ourselves.
Labelling parts of our body.

We had a superb morning of FUN Numeracy Activities!

Table 1 - Decorated numbers on Biscuits.

Table 2 - Wrote numbers in flour.

Table 3 - Match the number in the bun cases using playdough.

Table 4 - Used sorting toys to count out numbes 1- 5.

Table 5 - Shaving foam to practice writing numbers.

Table 6 - Large numbers to draw around, cut and then decorate.

We changed tables and everyone had the opportunity to complete each activity!

                          Well Done Y1. OB!


As part of Maths Week - we got to wear our own clothes which had a number on the front or the back.  We raised lots of money for N.I. Children's Hospice - Thank you!


As part of our topic we are learning about senses.

We have 5 senses - Sight, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel.


We are all special

A Finger print is unique to each individual person.

Learning about our senses -

   sound bingo game played in small groups.

Play Based Learning - October

Topic - Myself

We sorted Mrs Ogilby-Black's and Jeff's shoes.

1. Sorted for colour

2. Girls / Boys

3. Flip flops, Shoes, Trainers

4. Laces and not laces

We know how to match.

Matching socks - finding the same and making a pair.

Be Safe Be Seen

We were given special reflective badges to help keep safe.

Farm to Fork

Tescos Class Visit.


Thank you Esther for inviting us to the Portadown Store to experience and taste foods.


We all had a BRILLIANT morning - tasting foods, having snack in your Big Canteen, Getting dressed up, going inside the Huge fridge and Really COLD freezer, having a competition looking for different coloured fruits and  vegetables, tasting different cheeses, visiting the fish counter and holding different types of fish and then getting to coat our doughnut in sugar at the bakery department- Yummy!! 


What a BUSY Morning, the children were on their best behaviour and had a SUPER TIME!


Thanks again to Esther and all the other staff who looked after us today!



During P.E. we have been learning how to find a space.   

A space in the hall is when you hold out your arms and

you don't touch anyone else or any object.

We can build words using our phonic skills.


Midlands Theatre Company visits Millington. 


We went to Cranua to make Porridge as part of our topic -

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We made two different ways.

1. We used porridge oats and milk and cooked it in a saucepan on the hob cooker.  

2. We used packets of Quaker oats with golden syrup added milk and cooked the porridge in the microwave.

The children were brilliant and all tasted both samples of porridge and wanted more, which is a good sign!!

Great discussions related to our topic and eating a healthy breakfast.






Goldilocks and the Three Bears go with all the children in Y1 OB

for a walk in the woodlands.


Christmas Performance

Ralph the Reindeer!

Well Done to all the Children in Year 1 

You were all BRILLIANT!

Magic Christmas Tree

We watched a tree growing.....


Sparkle and Glitter

Play based Learning

Christmas Jumper Day

in aid of

Macmillian Nurses

Posing comes naturally!!

Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Santa came to Millington

and gave all the children a gift!

Thank you Santa!


Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Rudolph and Vixen.


Christmas Dinner

Yummy yummy!!!

Thank you to all the catering staff for a delicious dinner!

Christmas Party food 

and fun games with all Year 1 

children in the hall.



Christmas fun times

Pass the Parcel!!

Well done to our winner- Enjoy your prize!


Play Based Learning

We have been very creative making Snowmen for a wall display.


Super work from everyone  - Well Done!

P. E.


Developing our Gross Motor Skills


and using lots of energy as we


pull, climb, slide, crawl and balance.

Numeracy -

Sorting using a Carroll Diagram

We have been learning how to follow verbal instructions to make a

Pretty Penguin for Winter.




We made delicious Snowmen

with melting snow using biscuits and marshmallows

and the best part was eating them!




We are learning how to use Ipads, we must hold them correctly and we know how to select apps.



The North Wind Does Blow ...


Watch and listen to the children recalling the poem.


FANTASTIC so proud of you ALL!


Still image for this video
We can sort using a Tree Diagram and explain what how and what we have sorted.
As part of our World Around Us - Winter topic we made bird feeders that we can hang on the trees in our playround on our winter walk.

We hung our bird feeders on the trees in Year 1 playground. 

Now, to watch the birds feeding off them.

We made Pancakes on Friday

as we were off school on Shrove Tuesday.

They tasted delicoius! 



We got to wear fancy dress or our own clothes to school as part of

our class treat for gaining all the marbles in the jar for

good behaviour and kindness.

We watched a Movie and had a McDonalds for Lunch.

Thank you Mrs Murray and Mrs Anderson we had a Superb Day!

Letter of the Week - Jj

We made JELLY in class but we had to leave it overnight to let it set,

before we can eat it!

Orange and Strawberry Jelly



Well Done you all made  super effort to dress as

a character from a book. 


Change Over Time!



Developing ball skills.

Cuisenaire rods.

We  can use them to

find a values and different ways to make the same number.


Reading Time.

Sorting Activities

developing skills to sort for two properties.


Our story that we read and discussed was

The Little Red Hen!


We did drama/role-play related to the story

and the children were excellent! 



Using the beebot we had find

The Little Red Hen's Friends.

We made bread like the Little Red Hen.

Except we were all were keen to HELP not like

the Little Red Hen's friends!

We measured out the ingredients and put it in a bread maker

but the bread maker stopped cooking our bread so we couldn't taste it!

Y1 OB went outside and around the school

looking for the Easter Bunny.

We spoke to Mrs Gill but she hadn't seen him.

We had to be very quiet!

There was a big surprise when we went back to our classroom

he had been there

and left us special treats in the basket we had made!  

We planted sunflower seeds.

We went to the Eco Coumcil's Vegetable Garden

and pulled some rhubard.

Mandy the School cook stewed it and added lots of

sugar so that we could taste it. 

 It was Delicious!


donations to CLIC Sargent

(Children's Cancer Charity)

Play based Learning

People who help us in school and in the community.

Year 7 topic of theTitantic also interests a Year 1 child.

He visits Y7 G with his art and they show him their models -

Thank you Y7G. 


Freddie Fitness

raises money for Nepal Earthquake

as well as having fun through Dance and Movement,  


to Mr Coulter who brought his

Case Tractor to School as part of our

People Who Help Us Topic.