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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Welcome to Year 1OB


A child is like a butterfly in the wind.

Some can fly higher than others,

but each one flies the best it can.


Why compare one against the other?

Each one is different.

Each one is special.

Each one is beautiful.



Remember -


***School Meal Increase as from Wednesday 1st March, 2017

- £2.55 per day or £12.75 per week***

All money must be sent to school on a Monday Morning in a named envelope.


P.E days

Wednesday and Friday

Shorts and black plimsoles to be put in a P.E. bag which will be kept in school.

Remember to name all items of clothing including shoes!

People Who Help Us - WAU Topic

Auntie Julie - works for the fire service in the operating office.

She has a very important job as she takes telephone calls from

the public who are reporting a fire using 999.

She reminded the boys and girls in Y1 OB that they all

should know their address and number of their house

just anyone have to ever call for help.


Julie also brought a team of fight fighters with her

from Portadown Firestation and they came in the fire engine.


Iris our Lollipop Lady

came to our class to tells us

How She Helps Us To Cross the Road Safely!


Thank you Iris we all know - our road safely

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK and also a Huge

Thanks to Mr Thompson the careful driver

who allowed us to cross

the road in a real life scenario.

Year 1

Football Circuits with Chris our NIFA Coach

Thanks to the Year 7 Pupils for helping out.


You were all Brilliant participating in our


at Brownstown Park.




Practicing o'clock times on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Football in the Sunshine.



Linked to our World Around Us Topic

People Who Help Us.


The Swaziland Choir Sing in our Special Assembly -

They were AMAZING!!!

The Team from Northern Ireland were so grateful to the children in Millington for the generous donations collecting for their charity




Thank you and Well Done!



A special assembly to see the colourful colours of the Swalizland Flag

that everyone was wearing.



Well Done - April Class Awards

Keep up the super work in Y1 OB!

Y1 OB were told that someone saw the Easter Bunny in school playground...    The children went looking for him but couldn't find him anywhere!!!!


But...................... when we came back into the classroom he had been and left all the boys and girls eggs in their little basket which they had made!!!


Thank you Easter Bunny!

Our W.A.U Topic - Change over Time


A special visitor came to see us in Y1 OB - Baby Jordie. 

We discussed how he is now a baby of 4 weeks and

over time he begins to change.

We compared ourselves to that of a baby!


A BIG Thank you to Lexi's Mum for bringing the 

baby to school and also to Emmie for coming too.

The baby was so good he slept the whole time

and Mrs OB didn't get to hold him - maybe next time!!!

Freddie Fitness


We had great fun doing our exercises to music

with Freddie!!


You were all brilliant performing three times in 

front of so many people!


Our Performance was called Rise and Shine 

and was about new life happening at

Easter time in Millington Farm.


Every child had a part to play and was involved 

Fantastic Effort ensuring over hundred children 

was on stage.

So proud of you all -

Talented Children in Millington!!!





We have been learning about

The Hungry Caterpillar - linked to our WAU topic.


We have been very busy exploring this story.

Well Done to our February

Class Awards Winners!


Keep up the Good Work in Y1 OB!

Differentiated Numeracy Activities.

Shrove Tuesday


We made Pancakes together and ate them during our snack time - YUMMY!!

Children as Photographers using IPads

on our Spring Walk....

Well Done!!!

Spring Walk

Related to our World Around Us Topic

Change over Time!

In Literacy we were learning about

Jack and the Beanstalk and 

our cross curricular links to WAU.

We planted beans and are watering them as required

and we are keeping a bean diary.

The Enormous Turnip Story

Recall of story and superb role-play!

Tasting Fruit

Information recorded on a bar graph.

Play Based Learning

Change over Time

Learning about more and less

and the difference between two sets -

  how many more to make the same.

Activities related to Jack and the Beanstalk.


Independent writing

Play - based learning


Sorting using a Tree Diagram.


Developing sorting skills and Mathematical Language.

Super Numeracy Work

during Play Based Learning.


Using pegs to measure heights,comparing lenghts

counting how many, who has the more/less

how many more to make the same - and being able to

write the figure - AMAZING WORK BOYS.

Very focused and engaged and able to make links and

connections from our Numeracy Lessons!

We had a special assembly with visitors Dean and Glenn telling us about their trip to Swaziland in South Africa.  Along with their team of people from Northern
Ireland they have been helping young orphan children  and their project has included building a school as well as providing safe drinking water. 

It is hoped in May that the children's Swaziland Choir in conjunction with Millington Primary School and Clounagh  Junior High School will  hold a special concert to raise funds.

Millington children have been given a challenge to fill an empty water bottle with coins to give to these children to help provide drinking water.  It is hoped that every child will be able to contribute regardless of the amount.  Thank you for your continued support!

During our guided reading lessons we also focus on building words using our individual letters.. today we were building a sentence - all children in this small group made a super effort - well done!

As part of our WAU Winter topic we have been learning about animals which hibernate.

Our activity was to sort the animals which hibernate and those which do not.

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Sorting using a Venn Diagram.

Super effort and great ability justifying.

Art Activity based on our World Around Us Topic - Winter.


We have been reading and learning lots of information about Penguins. We decided to make a Penguin picture developing lots of skills including listening, ability to follow instructions and cutting and sticking.  This was a very valuable and fun activity engaging all the children.

The final product in our Art Gallery was Fantastic - Well Done Y1 OB!

Olivia suggested that we make a cup of real tea while she played in the role play area....


We made tea for the whole class explaining the importance of keeping safe and how dangerous boiling water is.


Best of all - we drank the cup of tea with milk and got to have pink wafer biscuit - Delicious!!!!

Gymnastics - Floor work.

We have been learning about Positional Words-

On. under, over, below, beside, in.

Numeracy - Active Learning

Small work group.

Chris our coach from NIFA

was back after the Christmas break to

teach/coach us football skills. 

Well Done - December Class Awards




Good Manners.

Building CVC words - with continued practice we are becoming more confident - Well Done!!


Remember to keep building words using your individual letters every night.

Sorting using a Carroll Diagram.


Children are encouraged to explain what they are doing and justify their sets. 

Play Based Learning