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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


smiley  Welcome to Year 1 OB   smiley


A child is like a butterfly in the wind.

Some can fly higher than others,

but each one flies the best it can.


Why compare one against the other?

Each one is different.

Each one is special.

Each one is beautiful.



Remember -

* School starts at 8.50 am and children go home at 12.30. pm. (September)

 Snack money- £2.00 per week

Children will stay from 5th October, 2015 until 1.50pm

* Dinner costs - £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week

All money must be sent to school on a Monday Morning in a named envelope.


P.E days

Monday and Friday

Shorts and black plimsoles to be put in a P.E. bag which will be kept in school.

Remember to name all items of clothing including shoes!




People Who Help Us


We visit Clementsmount Farm, the children got to handle and touch a variety 

of different animals and had the opportunity to play - Fun Times!


Our guide Paddy complimented Year 1OB on their outstanding behaviour,

how well the children listened and how good and curious they were asking

questions to develop their knowledge.


Well Done I am so proud of you all!

You are a credit to yourselves, your parents and to Millington!







Time to Play at Millington Nursery!


The Nursery Children come to visit their new teachers for a second time while the Year 1 children have fun playing at the Nursery.

Well Done - May Class Award Winners!

Magdalena brings her new born baby Amelie to visit Year 1 OB.

Great Discussion - linked to People Who Help Us.


A beautiful little baby... so tiny and so cute!

Play Based Learning - outside!

People Who Help Us

We walked to Taylors Opticans and were

greeted by Mrs Taylor who teaches Y5 in Millington.

She explained to us the importance of

keeping our eyes healthy and showed us

the foods that we should eat!

Mr Taylor the Optican explained how he tested

your eyes and some children got the

check the letters on the screen using

special glasses and we also got to

try on very trendy glasses.


Having your Eyes Tested is vitally IMPORTANT

and all children get FREE EYE CHECKS.


Taylors Opticans are offering a

FREE GIFT to ALL CHILDREN to have their

eyes tested in his Practice.

Visit Mr Taylor and tell him you are

from Millington!


Thank you very much to Mr & Mrs Taylor

and all the staff in Taylors Opticans

who kindly gave up

their time to accommodate all the Year 1

children in Millington.

A Sincere Thank you once again!



Year 1


Well Done to ALL the Year 1 children

and to  the brave Mummies and Daddies

who participated in our fun races!

You were all BRILLIANT!

As a special treat the children were

each given a lollipop!

        Y1 OB children came to school

wearing their Northern Ireland Football Kit/Colours

as they prepare to play in the Euro 2016.

This fun non uniform day was to raise money for

Mrs McClimond as she plans to work

with young deprived girls in Romania

during the summer holidays.

Great Support with all the boys and girls looking

like true footballers!




Play Based Learning

People Who Help Us!

Year 3 Assembly - The Selfish Ladybird




Year 3 explained to the whole school during their performance about a ladybird who was selfish and didn't like to share!

Thankfully her friends taught her not to be selfish and she became a happy  again with lots of friends!

Moral of story - good friends share and be kind to each other!

Mrs Gill taught Y1 OB a clapping rhyme about Good Manners!

Busy little writers...

Writing a sentence related to the visit from Portadown Fire Fighters.

Year 7 - helped Chris to develop our skills during our Football session.


Thank you, I think you all enjoyed working  Y1 OB children!

People Who Help Us Topic

The recycling lorry comes to school on a regular

basis to collect the bins both from the

school and also from the kitchen.

We watched the large bins being loaded and tipped.

We stood back so we could see the load being pressed

and the smell wasn't too pleasant!!!

These gentlemen help us everyday keeping

our environment and school clean and tidy

disposing the recyclable materials.

Week beginning 16th May - 20th May,


Monday - 10 children walked


Tuesday - 6 children walked


Wednesday - 6 children walked


Thursday - 6 children walked


Friday - 7 children walked.


Well Done Boys and Girls keep it up!


Our Daily Mile activity is also contributing to our increased level of fitness we are improving everyday!





People Who Help Us

Portadown Fire Fighters visit Millington.

Special Thanks to the crew who took the time for all the children. 

I think some of the crew wanted to be back

in school as they had fun playing tennis -

reliving child hood memories!!!

They told us about their job and allowed us to

squirt water using their heavy hose.

The children were able to sit in the fire engine

and Mrs Ogilby-Black dressed up as a

Fight Fighter... unfortunately not in 30 seconds as challenged

by the crew which is the time it takes to dress when they are called out!

Task for the children...

Ask a grown up to check that they each have a 

working fire alarm - by testing it, to make sure it still works!!


A very enjoyable and informative morning.

Once again Thanks to All the Fire Fighters

in Portadown Station.


People Who Help Us.


We had a special visitor in school today to chat to us about his job as a fire fighter.  Mr Toal is a full time fire fighter and also a teacher and quite often teaches in Millington.

He explained to the children about keeping safe and his very important job. He brought in his clothing to show what he wears and the importance of dressing quickly.  The children were able to ask questions and all were extremely well behaved for our visitor - Well Done.

Thank you so much Mr Toal for giving up your time to chat to the children.

Our New Letter sound E e


A free range banty hen egg boiled and brought into class to show her peers.

Well Done to our March /April

class winners.

A special treat each Year 1 child

 as they received a Millington Bear, kindly knitted by a

Mrs Cranson a previous Vice Principal - Thank you.


Practising our numbers using shaving foam.

Play Based Learning

People Who Help Us!

We love to Read!

The Dogs Trust came to school to tell us all about their important charity!


Investigating Money

Recognition of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p 

Money story for children UK

Money Song for Children UK


Year 1 and Year 2 are participating in the

Daily Mile Challenge!

You have all been FANTASTIC and are very keen to complete

all the laps around the pitch!