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World Around Us

Ditch the Dark Day

What a lovely visit we had to see  SantaπŸŽ… .


He was fast asleep and snoring after his late night at The Christmas Fayre.  Thankfully he woke up and we all got to tell him our wishes and he gave each child a gift.  Thank you Santa you are very kind.

Our class visit to

The Christmas Fayre.


Thank you to Miss Shortt for all her hard work organising and 

to all the staff and pupils making all the items

to sell, raising money for our school funds.


Bear Facts

In order to get the facts we had to 

find them around the classroom.


This was very informative and all children were very focused and

keen to learn interesting information.


Cross Curricular Links

WAU and Art.


We used brown paint and a fork to make the effects of 

a bear face.

After the face had dried we added eyes πŸ‘€  ears πŸ‘‚ πŸ‘‚ we and a mouthπŸ‘„ 

and some were displayed in the classroom.

Goldilocks πŸ‘§ and the Three Bears 🐻 🐻 🐻 

went on their walk to Cranrua.


In Cranrua - Mrs OB made porridge πŸ₯£ we helped  and 

then ate it with some honey🍯 on top.

It wasn’t too hot.

It wasn’t too cold.

It was just right! 


Our Autumnal Walk around the grounds of school.

We looked at the leaves 🍁and how some are changing colour and some had already began to fall off the trees. 🌳  πŸŒ³  .  We noticed that some leaves were still green and we learnt that they never change colour or fall off as they are called evergreen trees.

We found acorns but no chestnuts and also found that there is an apple tree growing in the woodland area beside Y3 mobile.


As a class we gathered up things that indicated the sign of Autumn πŸ‚ and discussed these back in the classroom. Afterwards we made a leaf person which was good fun and they all looked fantastic displayed in the classroom.

Pumpkin Soup.... roll up, roll up.  Who is for some soup?


Together as a Year group we read and discussed the story of The Pumpkin Soup Story  πŸŽƒ .

We looked and discussed the size and weight of the pumpkins.

We know about the stem, skin, strands, flesh, pulp, seeds or pepita which is the correct term. We looked, touched and smelt each part.


The teachers did the chopping of the pumpkins and onions, added all the ingredients needed into the slow cooker using utensils.


After cooking, the soup was blended to make smooth, cream was added for taste and then everyone had the opportunity to eat.   Delicious!



Guess the baby - Together we shared the book ‘Guess the  baby’πŸ‘Ά πŸΌ 

Great discussion on changes, differences and growing up. 

We played Guess the baby and then each person did show and tell of then and now.

To conclude our lesson we had the opportunity to look and share baby books.

As part of our theme - Myself.

Year one had two special visitors baby Anna and her Mummy in school to talk about being a  baby 🍼  and the changes growing up.

Anna is almost six months old and she loved all the attention from the children and of course from the staff who all got a wee cuddle!!


Anna’s mummy told the children about how she looks after and cares for Anna, showed and compared photographs, compared clothes and nappy sizes.

The children got the opportunity to ask questions and to continue with our theme we will be looking and comparing the children’s baby pictures to how they look now and how they have changed.


A huge Thank you to Jane and Anna for coming to school.

We all loved having you both.