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World Around Us

Penguins live in the Antarctic! We enjoyed learning new and interesting facts about them!

Polar bears live in the Arctic! We enjoyed learning new and interesting facts about polar bears!

We had fun learning about Inuits today and found out lots of interesting facts!

This week we have been learning about how animals survive in the cold Winter months. Yesterday we talked lots about animals that hibernate and discovered that toads, queen bees, ladybirds and hedgehogs all hibernate in Winter. Today we thought about birds. We learnt that some birds migrate to hot countries but there are many that don’t. We discovered that it can be really difficult for these birds in the Winter. To help them survive we decided to make our own bird feeders to help them. We used lard to keep them warm, seeds to keep them full and raisins to give them energy!

This week we were learning about snowmen! As a treat we made melting snowmen biscuits! They tasted delicious!

We made hot chocolate!

We had lots of fun at our a Christmas party!

We really enjoyed our Christmas dinner!

Christmas jumper day/ Craft Fayre!

Miss Ushers little helpers! We made reindeer chocolate to sell at our Christmas craft fair!

We had a special visitor arrive in our class today!

We went on a walk to discover signs of autumn. We saw some beautiful coloured leaves, acorns, conkers and even a squirrel! 🐿 🍁

We have been learning lots about apples. We know that apples are ready to eat in Autumn. As a treat we made delicious chocolate apples!

We have had lots of fun exploring pumpkins. We read a story called ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. The characters from the story sent us their special recipe for pumpkin soup and we were able to make it! Some of us thought it was delicious and some of us didn’t! We learnt about the different parts of the pumpkin such as the skin, flesh, pulp and seeds!

As part of our myself topic we have been thinking about the different parts of our faces! We made some face biscuits and used different ingredients to give them two eyes, one nose and one mouth! We had lots of fun!

We had lots of fun looking at our baby photos! We have made a lovely display with them! Can you spot anybody you know?

As part of our ‘Myself’ topic we are learning about babies. Today baby Anna and her mummy came to visit. We learnt lots of new things about babies!