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World Around Us

We were learning about Northern Ireland being formed 100 years ago. In Geography the children were learning the counties in Northern Ireland.

100th birthday celebrations.

Literacy - in class the children were writing stories about their teddy bears. They were writing in sentences, using commas, using joining words and they included adjectives in their writing when they were describing their teddy bear.

Have a look to see what our teddy bears got up to when they stayed overnight in school.  What will our teacher say?

Mrs Macdonald brought in a very old bear to show to everyone. It had jointed arms and legs, glass eyes and long arms and legs.

We sorted are bears lots of different ways.

We had a Teddy Bears Picnic at break time.

Topic - Teddy Bears. We put our teddy bears in order from the oldest to the youngest. 2nd picture - oldest bears. 3rd picture - youngest bears.