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World Around Us

Learning about the characteristics of a pig.

The kitchen staff very kindly did the cooking of some cocktail 

sausages for us and we discussed other produce of the pig.

Iris our lollipop lady owns Alpacas 🦙 and she kindly brought in some of their wool for us to feel and investigate.

Iris, told us that to get an alpaca sheared is very expensive and the wool to have it cleaned, carding and spun into wool is also extremely expensive.  Therefore to buy an item of clothing that is made from the softness of alpaca wool is expensive but very soft and good quality.

Sequencing the process of making wool.

As part of our WAU topic

The farm - we have been learning about the characteristics of sheep.

 Today, we made a  biscuit to resemble a sheep🐑 

This was good fun and best of all was getting to eat it!