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Pancake Tuesday Traditions


We are learning all about Pancake Tuesday. We followed a recipe to make pancakes. It was a great team effort and the pancakes were delicious! Can every Tuesday be pancake day?!

Valentine’s Day Craft


Sharing the love in Y1G by making a beautiful heart craft for someone very special.

Winter Topic: Make a bird cake.


As part of our Winter topic, we have been learning about how some birds migrate and some do not in Winter.

We learned how to make a bird cake, for the birds who do not migrate. We made it with lard, seeds and raisins. We hope it feeds the birds during Winter.

Winter Topic: Do you want to build a snowman?


We sequenced how to build a snowman. We then created our own class snowman and built it together. He is called Frosty! We learned how to label each part.

Winter Topic: Melted snowman biscuits.


We made yummy snowmen biscuits as a Friday treat! We talked about how and why a snowman melts.


Winter Topic: Snowflakes ‘I am unique.’


We read a lovely story called ‘Snowflakes’ that taught us that all snowflakes are different, yet perfect.  In PDMU we discussed how we are all different yet perfect. We are unique!

Winter Topic: Hot Chocolate


We made hot chocolate as part of our winter topic. We’ve been learning that it is very cold in winter and warm drinks like hot chocolate can help us to keep warm. It was delicious!!