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World around Us

Shrove Tuesday.


We made and ate delicious pancakes! They were YUMMY!

We have been learning about about Penguins

* They are a bird but cannot fly.  

* They have flippers to help them swim - they are very good swimmers.

* Most penguins live in Antarctica.

* Penguins Waddle to move around.

* Penguins eat fish.

* Daddy Penguins look after the eggs to keep them warm by putting them on his feet, until they hatch.

* A group of Penguins 🐧 on land is called a colony or a rookery.

We followed instructions how to make a paper  Penguin 🐧 .


Everyone did superbly and their penguin looked fantastic!

As a special treat on Friday we all got to eat ‘Penguin Chocolate Biscuit’ - yummy!

Melting Snowmen ⛄️ 

We have been looking how things change during the Winter Season.


We know that the leaves change colour in Autumn and in a Winter there are no leaves left 🍁 on the trees.


In class we painted a bare tree with branches and placed cotton wool and tin foil for snow and frost.


They all look Brilliant!!   Well Done 👍 

Hot Chocolate.

Cross curricular links following instructions

measuring and counting out 6 marshmallows (number of week). 



As part of our topic Winter we have been discussing 

weather in Winter and

wearing appropriate clothing to keep warm.


We know that eating hot food and having a warm drink

makes us feel warm.

This was tested when we made the hot chocolate drink

and drank it outside in the cold without a coat on.


The drink definitely warm us up and best 

of all it tasted delicious!