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World Around Us

We had fun making and tasting porridge. We used porridge oats, milk and sugar. It was yummy.

We went for a walk round our school to find signs of Autumn. We noticed how cool the air was and we found lots of different Autumn items such as coloured leaves, acorns, red berries, white berries and ash keys

We looked at how apples grow on apple trees in orchards and how they are ripe in Autumn time. We talked about all the yummy things that can be made using apples such as tarts, crumbles and of course chocolate apples

We remembered that we had all once been babies. We looked at our baby photos and compared what we looked like then to what we look like now. A little baby called Anna and her mum came to visit us. Little Baby Anna loved to smile at everyone and her mum told us all about what Anna needed to be cared for.

We discussed features of our face. We looked at how we all have two eyes, one nose and one mouth and yet we all look different. We had great fun making faces on biscuits using digestives,icing and sweets. The best bit was eating them!