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World Around Us

Goldilocks Topic: Porridge


As part of our Goldilocks topic we’ve been learning all about porridge.

We have learned that there is a local factory that produces porridge oats called ‘Whites.’ 

Mummy Bear left us her special sweet porridge recipe. We enjoyed making and tasting porridge. It was lovely!

Myself Topic: The 5 Senses


As part of our myself topic we have been learning about our 5 senses.

We carried out 5 fun experiments to explore our sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Trying out delicious Autumn traditions- Chocolate Apples!



Autumn Tree 


After our Autumn walk we created a lovely Autumn finger print tree.  

Autumn Walk


 We enjoyed a lovely walk around school for the signs of Autumn.  We collected leaves, acorns, confers and berries. What beautiful colours!

Myself Topic: Face Biscuits


We made lovely face biscuits today using biscuits, icing and different sweets.  We used the ingredients to create our face with two eyes, one nose, one mouth and some hair.

We enjoyed eating these after dinner time- they tasted as good as they looked- yummy!

Myself Topic- Then and Now


We had great fun playing guess the baby! Thank you everyone for sending in your pictures.

This led to a super discussion about how we’ve changed and developed from being a little baby into a big P1!

Baby Visit 


We had two very special visitors with us today in Year 1.

As part of our myself topic we are learning all about babies and what babies need.

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with all of us. We loved it and learned so much!