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Well being

Flip your attitude and show some gratitude 🍁 🍂 


Today in class we explored the term ‘gratitude’, what it means to be thankful and how we can express thankfulness. We discovered that ‘gratitude’ means to look for the good in situations and in people. Acknowledging and being thankful for our blessings in life and the great moments and opportunities that we have. During think/pair and share time, we jotted down our ideas on a leaf template to create our ‘Gratitude Tree’ as shown below. 



Half term treat 👻 🎃 ⭐️ 
We have all worked so hard this term, Miss Sleator rewarded us with a Halloween Movie 🎥 as a treat. We all had popcorn 🍿 and juice 🥤 whilst we watched Hotel Transylvania 3.