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Push and Pull Factors why the Irish Emigrated in Victorian Times

  As part of our topic on the Victorians we discussed factors which pushed people out of Ireland and factors which pulled or attracted them to emigrate to other parts of the world.

Trip to Ulster/ American Folk Park in Omagh

As part of our WAU topic on Victorian Ireland we visited the American Folk Park.  Here we got a taste of what life was like in both Ireland and America in Victorian times. We saw actual houses That the Irish and Irish settlers would have lived in. We also had the opportunity to sample lovely food the settlers would have cooked. We also had the chance to dance the way Settlers would have in celebration of the harvest.

Harvest Celebration in barn (Barn Dance)

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More Barn Dancing

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The Human Body

  As part of our work on the Human Body we took weight, height and different measurements of our bodies. From the circumference of our heads to the length of our arms to the area of our hands to mention a few. We will be carrying out a few Fair tests on these findings over the nextcouple of weeks.