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The Swallows

Remarkable, intelligent, fast and beautifully built: these are a few of the glamerous swallow's features. At three weeks the bird makes its journey to a new location, however it isn't all that easy. This is were his epic journey begins.

The swallow's wingspan is about 30cm and swoops down to the ground collecting his food.
In the autumn he soars through the sky from Northern Ireland to South Africa. To fly 5000 miles it takes three months. Along the way he faces danger like the the Hobby, when he crosses the Channel and makes his way though the Sahara where he faces the Monitor Dragon. Finally, he reaches his destination and settles on Table Mountain. Once he feels that it is good to go back, (at March; Spring) he flies another 5000 miles back to Northern Ireland, where breeds until autumn.

The swallows live in places where pretators cannot reach them, (usually in high places at the corner of houses) they make their home as comfortable as possible. They hunt for horseflies and they eat other insects. Swallows can eat up to 600 flies each day! 

By Madison S