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The Swallow

The Swallow
One of the most extraordinary birds in Britian is about to take its outstanding journey. you will find out its features, where it flies to, the obstacles it has to avoid and the tragic things can happen to it. mamny die because of the obstacles, although some are lucky to survive and escape these tragic events. 

Once the chicks have hatched, the bird waits 3 weeks until it can fly. This is were his journey begins... Before they leave the nest, they need to perfect theur flying. Afterwards, they set off to go to South Africa. The Swallow feeds on winged insects for energy and its favourite winged insect is "The Horse Fly." Once it reaches the English Channel, it will take 45 minutes to cross. The swallow's first stop is Franc, then it's Spain. When it's flying across Europe, it will take 1 month and 1/2. It will continue to the Sahara Desert, this is the toughest part of its journey as some die of exhausion or thirst! It finally flies to its destination and after 6 months, The Swallow flies 5,000 miles home again.

The Swallow nests high-up, so it doesn;t get eaten by cats or other animals. If it catches  a sight of a cat, it drives it away, so it doesn't eat its eggs. Swallows are very brave birds. 1 in 10 Swallows make it back to the exact same nest that it left from.

By Alex