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Swaziland Club

Day: Monday 3-4pm

Room: Miss Creane Y5C

Teachers: Mrs Hylands and Miss Creane


smileyWhat do we do at Swaziland Club?smiley

Mrs Hylands and Miss Creane were in Swaziland for two weeks during the summer of 2019 and are so excited to run a club this year to help support the very valuable and worthwhile link between our school and the needs in Swaziland. This club offers the unique opportunity for the children who attend to become more 'hands-on' and more involved on a personal level with what is going on. On the first day of Swaziland Club we brainstormed ideas for what we think the club should involve throughout the year.  Please see photos below for our ideas and also to have a look at what we get up to!



We loved having Jack come to visit us! Thank you for teaching us some songs!

Who goes to Swaziland Club?

We painted a border for the wall display

Creating profiles