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Skittle Maths

Year 7 are learning all about fractions!! This week, they took part in an investigation about Skittles. Students were able to calculate what fraction of the packets were red, orange, yellow, green and purple.  
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 "I learned to simplify fractions with big numbers. It was hard, but I like to learn about fractions" -Katerina 

"I learned about fractins and that 1/5 of 50 is 10 and 2/5 of 50 is 20. 15/52 of my bag was yellow! I also learned that half of my bag was 26. My favourite part of the day was when we got to eat all of the Skittles!! I also enjoyed sorting them out into the colours."  --Rebekah
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" I learned about splitting the Skittles into colour groups and saying how many there was in one packet. We had to say what the fraction was for each colour. It was good because we got to eat them!!" - Katie
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"I really enjoyed learning about fractions and I also learned how to make a fraction smaller by dividing the number on top and on bottom by the same number, eg :12/18 = 2/3, because you divide the top and bottom by 6."- Hannah

"I learned about fractions, it was fun!" Bryce
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"I learned that half of 52 is 26. It was fun." - Auridas

" I loved using Skittles yesterday because they helped me with my fractions. I learned how to divided them into even groups to create fractions for the different colours. After maths, we got to eat them, YUM YUM!!" --Joel

"I enjoyed learning about fractions of Skittles using the colours-red, ornage, yellow, green and purple. 2/9 of my packet was red and 1/6 of my bag was 9 Skittles." -James