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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Shrove Tuesday

Today in class we did lots of activities related to Shrove Tuesday.  We were learning why we have 'Pancake Tuesday' and that tomorrow is the beginning of Lent.
We followed a recipe to make pancakes.  We helped Mrs Acheson to weigh and sieve the flour and sugar, measure a quantity of milk, weigh the margarine and beat the eggs.  

We had to choose our favourite topping  - cheese, jam, honey or sugar.  We used this information to make a tally chart and then we discussed which topping was MOST and LEAST popular and also we talked about how we could FIND THE DIFFERENCE between the most and least popular. 

During Literacy we read the story of 'The Runaway Pancake' and we also learnt the poem 'Mix A Pancake'.       

Have a look to see what we were doing today.