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Pupil Council

Millington School Council


At the beginning of the year class elections are held to elect a pupil representative for each class in Year 4 - Year 7.  The School Council offers senior pupils responsibility and encourages them to become active in making decisions to help further improve our school.


The School Council bring ideas and views of the pupils to Mrs Murray.


How the School Council Operates


School Council representatives meet every other week and discuss the suggestions made by their peers and forward these ideas:

  • Sensible suggestions are discussed and voted upon.
  • These ideas are brought to Mrs Murray.
  • These ideas are discussed with Mrs Murray.
  • School Council representatives report back to thier class.
  • Pupil can make sensible suggestions and place them in the suggestion box.


     Aims of the School Council

  • To encourage positive attitudes within our school. 
  • To inform each class about the extensive range of activities going on within the school.
  • Be dedicated members of the Millington Community by helping around the school.
  • To have an active role in our school.