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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Primary 4

Multicultural Day 2021 - Y4J were looking at Poland today!


Everybody came to school dressed in red and white to represent the colours of the Polish flag!

We had lots of great fun and found out many amazing things - first we discovered the many different nationalities represented in our class, then we researched Poland to find out many of the key facts, we also learned some Polish phrases, everybody tried ‘Wycinanki’ polish folk art that linked in well with our topic on symmetry. After lunch we recapped on Myths and Legends by discovering all about the Warsaw Mermaid and the Krakow Dragon. Finally we got the opportunity to try some traditional Polish foods such as ‘pierogi’ Polish dumplings. A great day full of fun and learning!

Y4M enjoyed learning about Lithuanian culture today!

Y4E/B Learned a lot about Romania and made lots of memories together.