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Primary 3

Year 3 with their certificates for taking part in Mathletics day !

Celebrating 100 years of Northern Ireland .

Year 3 Mrs Macdonald's class numeracy week activities .

Year 3A Beetle Drive

Y3H - celebrating 100 years of Northern Ireland

Y3W 100 Day! Exploring the number 100 and celebrating 100 years of our wee country.

Y3H playing the Beetle game.

Y3H using rulers to measure

Year 3A - using Numbots in the computer suite.

Y3W having great fun playing Beetle!

Y3A - measuring in centimetres.

Y3H - Weighing

Y3H - World Maths Day - Mathletics in the Computer Suite

Y3W Weighing and measuring

Y3W Mathletics Live

Year 3A Practical weighing activities

Y3W Exploring Mathletics in the computer suite.