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Palace Stable Visit

On Thursday 18th of April, our class went to the Palace Stable to learn more about plants and trees, which is our current topic.  We have learnt that long ago, the Palace Stables belonged to an Archbishop but it is now owned and used by Armagh Council. 
We have learnt about lots of different trees namely; Oak, Sycamore, Laurel, Cypress, Holly and Ash.  We had to measure and record the length of these buds and we found out that different trees have different types of buds.
I enjoyed the trip a lot and I think the rest of the class did as well.
By Calum W.

Last Thursday, 18th April, my class Y6L, went to the Palace Stables.  When we arrived, Margaret met and led us in to the upstairs room.  We had our break and changed our shoes then we went to the woods. We saw lots of different types of trees and we measured their buds.

We had a very interesting day and I enjoyed it very much.

By Holly W.
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