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Our Poems about The Moon!

The Mighty Moon!    

The moon jumps,
bumps into the night,
like children on a bouncy castle
destroying the light.

The moon protecting,
collecting the stars,
like a parent to them
visiting Mars.

The moon winks
blinks at the stars,
like a balloon saying hello
to Mars.

The Moon leaving,
sneezing and wheezing,
like a fireball

By Amy

The Moon

The moon peeps,
creeps through the clouds,
like a sly thief
creeping in the crowd.

The moon glazing,
blazing in the night,
like a hot fire
in the light.

The moon thinks,
blinks through the skies,
like an eye ball
it moves through and glides.

The moon winks,
blinks and thinks,
like a drink
and slowly it sinks.

By Matthew