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Order! Order!

Our Red Group recently did some debating in class! We had some children who wanted to promote and encourage 'Cycle Britain' and other children were against!


Here are some of our arguments!


Get Britain Cycling!!
  • reduces pollution and helps protect our environment
  • will keep you fit and healthy
  • saves money on petrol/diesel
  • a lot easier to learn riding a bike than learning to drive
  • frees up parking space/car parks which could be used for outdoor parks

DON'T Get Britain Cycling!
  • Loss of earnings for car manufacturers, insurance brokers
  • Cyclists aren't always responsible and do not wear protective wear
  • Bicycles are easily stolen
  • Bad weather - people will not be able to cycle to work and economy loses out

After listening to all of the arguments our class voted Get Britain Cycling!!!


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Picture 2