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Numeracy Week



On Friday of Numeracy week, music met Numeracy! 

We had to count the number of beats correctly using the pictures on the board!



On Thursday of Numeracy week, we explored the numbers we have learned so far through active Numeracy stations.  We rotated in groups around each station and had lots of fun when learning!



On Wednesday of Numeracy week, we really enjoyed a fun Maths Trail around the school!



On Tuesday of Numeracy week, we explored our number of the week- 3.

Through practical Numeracy we  developed the big picture of the number 3 i.e. digit, word, fingers, on a dice, Numicon etc.



On the first day of Numeracy week, we discussed how numbers are everywhere in our environment e.g. phones, clocks, buses, doors etc. 

Through practical Numeracy we explored the concept of the odd one out.

We enjoyed playing this fun game!