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Numeracy Week

Maths Week in Millington


Lots of exciting Numeracy activities.


To finish off Numeracy Week - we had an non uniform day.

Clothes to school however, had to be Numeracy themed.

Some parents and pupils were extremely creative - Well Done and a huge thank you for your donation which will help to purchase Numeracy Resources for the whole school.๐Ÿ‘ 



Numeracy Week - Making cross curricular links.

Year 1 made links to ICT ๐Ÿ’ปand Music๐ŸŽต 

Using information on the Interactive Whiteboard the children had to count the number of beats using a variety of musical instruments.

All very enjoyable and super counting!


 Numeracy Week was very successful with active learning and group work being developed throughout the week. 



As part of Numeracy Week we had group activities in the classroom and everyone had the opportunity to experience all the tasks.


The children were very focused and worked well as part of a team.

The activities included Sorting for colour, ICT cross curricular numeracy activities, play dough for formation and making sets, decorating number three, formation using cotton buds,  and numicon with cubes. 


Well Done!



This was a super exciting day as we had our Maths Trail.  This was linked to Maths being Everywhere!


Five children in the class were responsible for writing the answers with the help of everyone answering the questions.  


The children were fully engaged, enthusiastic and very keen to get all the answers correct.


Well Done Y1 OB you were amazing and got all the answers.๐Ÿ“



We focused on our number of the week - 3 and also had the opportunity to answer mathematical questions to find the answers about things related to Mrs Ogilby-Black.  This was good fun and we found out all the answers! ๐Ÿ˜‰



We discussed the pictures on the PowerPoint related to Numbers Everywhere.

Some items were unfamiliar  - tape measure/calculator to the children but others were familiar.  

There was lots of open ended questions to develop discussion, curiosity and vocabulary which helps all children in Y1OB  become active independent learners!