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Numeracy Week


Active Learning

On Thursday we completed a range of practical and active numeracy activities.  Feedback today from Y6S - “We wish it could be numeracy Week every week! We are having so much fun! 

Archery Maze - everyone started on the black arrow and had to find their way to the centre! Lots of logical thinking...

👀 Maths Eyes 👀 

Everyone worked in pairs, they had to take a photograph around school and think of a maths problem.  Can you answer some of the questions below?


All About Me

The children had to answer maths problems to find out information about me!  Lots of problem solving!


Numeracy All Around Us!

We started Numeracy week by thinking about all the places we might see Maths in the real world.  As a class we came up with lots of suggestions and we quickly realised that MATHS IS EVERYWHERE!!

We then turned our ideas into posters, animations and pic collages. 

Use your camera phone to scan the QR code and listen to Ollie talk about his poster 🙂