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Numeracy Activities

Work stations


Laminated cards with numicon to develop understanding of teen numbers

Cubes and numicon to count out the given teen number

Post boxes and number addition sums to counting mentally 

Topmarks on the iPads for addition 

Using iPads to explore shapes.
We are learning about surface area using non metric measurements.

Using numicon to develop our understanding of taking away.

Learning to count in 2’s -


using the IWB, 

using numicon and


Positional Words

We used the beebots to explore mathematical positional language

in small groups

and also the IWB to find the position of teddy.

Guess the shape game.


We passed the bag of shapes until the music stopped. 
The child holding 
the bag at that point had to describe the shape that they

were feeling in the bag to their peers.

 Who had to guess from their description.


The following on activity was was make a shape picture

and count the number of shapes used.



Teen numbers 


Using numicon to make teen numbers, we have been learning how they are written and our activity was based on recognition.

Practising writing number sentences using the correct symbols and numicon to help.

Subtraction/ Taking away.


We are taking about the concept of taking away and understand that when we

take away the answer is either the same or less.

We have had lots of practical using cubes, counters, numicon etc and using ICT to help understand the concept.

To help develop our understanding of symmetry 

we had four difference work activities which the children 

had the opportunity to work in small groups.

Activity 1-  ICT based matching lines of symmetry

Activity 2 - Colouring a hot air balloon so both sides were symmetrical 

Activity 3 - using numicon base boards and shapes to makes both sided symmetrical 

Activity 4 - painting one side of a picture and folding the page to make it symmetrical.


The children were very engaged and rotated about the activities exploring and investigating symmetry.


Super work boys and girls.


We have been learning about Symmetry.

We discussed what symmetry means and looked at items/objects that are symmetrical.


To help us develop the concept we use a butterfly 

painted one side with a beautiful pattern and then folded the page in two.

We discussed how both sides were exactly the same.