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Numeracy Activities

Sorting for different properties using Venn, Carroll and Tree diagrams

Getting to know Cuisenaire Rods

Making sets with 1 and 2 properties

We completed some numeracy activities to help us learn about weight.

Numeracy non uniform day. Can you spot, numbers, shapes and patterns on our clothes?

Active Learning based on number 4, counting and sets

Odd Man Out game

During our Numeracy Week we talked about how we can find Numeracy everywhere - even music. We used numerals, number words, number of fingers and numbers on dice to count out beats. We grouped ourselves into sets of instruments that can be shaken and those that can be tapped or hit. We counted ourselves as part of a song .

As part of our special Numeracy Week, we went on a Maths Trail round our school. We counted objects along the way, looked for numbers and shapes, used blocks to make shapes and did some Maths investigating.

Finding the odd man out

Making sets of objects using the sorting boxes.

Making patterns with two objects.

We were learning about making sets of three. We made lots of sets using different objects.