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Numeracy Activities

Learning about

Long and Short

Longer and Shorter

Longest and Shortest.


Small Group Numeracy Work Activities.

Differentiated Sorting activities.

Number 5 - five.


Using Numicon - developing our understanding of how it needs to be laid out in order.  We are also learning about the colours each piece represents and the number of holes.  We have been making connections when we discuss the bigger picture for numbers 1-5 and we are getting to experience- ways to make.

Ordering and Number Recognition.


Using number fans to find a given number, this is helping with recognition.  

We also extended the challenge to find the number before, after or between.


Everyone tried very hard - Well Done.  All the boys and girls were fully engaged in the activity and willing and keen for the challenge.

Small group Activities related to Heavy and Light.


All children rotated and had the opportunity to learn from each active learning work station.

Whole class discussion related to Heavy and Light.

We are learning that if the balancing scales go down means that is the heavy side and if it goes up it is light.

Creating 2 and 3 coloured Patterns practically and colouring.

Odd one out.

We know that when we make a set of the same objects and put one item that is not the same or different it is the odd out one.

2D Shapes






We have been learning about the number of sides and corners.


To link this to our topic Myself we made shape houses.

We have been learning all about NUMICON..


Numicon is a resource that we used in school to help us learn Numeracy. Each piece is a different colour and there are holes depending on the number. There is a special way to lay the pieces 1-10 and we are learning how to position them correctly.  Practice makes Perfect 👌  

Number 2 - two 

ICT and practical activities.

Active Learning with good discussion and language development.

Patternalaround .....
Shaving foam to practice number 1 formation.
Mental maths - counting orally forwards, backwards, starting from different numbers and developing recognition of number.

Sorting - putting a group of objects together that are the same and being able to say why the are the same developing mathematical language.


Number of the week was Zero - 0

Zero means none or nothing.

 We know it is nought and where to start to write the number.



We are learning to make a ‘set’ - a  group of items which are the same.

Same colour, same type or same size, using random items

from our sorting boxes.