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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


3D Shapes!

Exploring capacity!

We can use numicon to help us add!

We can use a number line to help us add!

We are learning to tell the time!

We are working really hard to learn our number bonds to 10!

We are learning to recognize and use coins up to 10p. We can now use coins to buy items in our farm shop at play time!

Number stations!

Spring color by numbers!

Neck and tummy, put on a hat! I am number 5!

This week we have been thinking of the words small, medium and large. We have had lots of fun! Our story of Goldilocks and tithe Three Bears has really helped us learn what these words mean!

We have really enjoyed exploring the concept of heavy and light!

Down, across and cut it in half, I am number 4!

Active learning stations:1 2 3!

We used our 2D shapes to build a house!

WALT: Sort for shape!

Go straight down and then you’re done! I am Number 1!

WALT: Sort for size!