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Ordering non-consecutive numbers from Topmarks website.

Class Graph of favourite Fruit

Money. Recognise coins and make amounts with 2 coins.

Great fun carrying out an investigation using dice.

Exploring properties and naming 3D shapes.

Ordinal numbers

Dominoes addition and subtraction investigation.

Measuring with paper clips.

Sorting dominoes for odd and even numbers.

Tens and units place value and shark game.

Estimate and measure using metre sticks. In groups, make a shark measuring about a metre long.

Practical addition of tens and units.

Balancing see-saw sums (equal equations).

Greater than or less than. Ordering non consecutive numbers.

Measuring chocolate bars in cm and then a variety of classroom objects.

Halves. Cutting food in half to share equally. Identify shapes that are shaded exactly in half.

Halving shapes, a number of objects, investigating if you can halve irregular shapes and estimating and halving a handful of counters.

Using coins to make amounts in different ways.