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Numeracy Centres - Active Learning

Estimating the weightof objects in our class.



Our third investigation was to estimate and then measure the circumference of our pumpkins. We measured Mr Johnston’s pumpkin so that we could accurately estimate. We used pieces of string to try and establish how far our pumpkins would stretch around their fattest point. Most of us underestimated the circumference of our pumpkins. 



Our second investigation was to estimate and then measure the weight of our pumpkins. We measured Mr Johnston’s pumpkin so that we could accurately estimate. We then used a set of scales to measure them. Some of us got really close to the actual weight of the pumpkins. We made our estimates using kilograms and grams.



Today we began a full week of pumpkin investigations. We will be exploring science and numeracy through a range of experiments. Today we explored the physical properties of our pumpkins. We looked at things such as size, weight, colour, texture and smell. All our pumpkins are different sizes and shapes and it will be interesting to see if this has an impact on some experiments we try. Stay tuned...



Numeracy Week - Day 5 - Maths Day


Today we had to come to school in our own clothes. However there was a twist...our outfit had to be numeracy themed and inspired. Numbers, shapes, patterns, pretty much anything to do with maths. We all put so much effort into our outfits. A great way to finish off a great week.

Numeracy Week - Day 4 - Maths Centres


For the fourth day of numeracy week we started a brand new set of maths centres. Our new centres include: number properties wanted posters; number eliminator quizzes; 100 Bingo; and Shake and Spill counters.

Numeracy Week - Day 3 - Numeracy Trail


Today we had a huge challenge. In order to complete our maths we had to go on a trail around the school to find the answers to each question. We had great fun but also found some parts quite challenging. Thankfully we were able to work as a team and managed to successfully complete each task. 

Numeracy Week - Day 2 - Number of the Day


Today we tried to answer various questions about given numbers. We had to put our thinking caps on in order to use our skills to answer each of the questions. We wonder could you do it too...

Numeracy Week - Day One - Numeracy all around us


Today was the first day of Numeracy Week here in Millington. We looked at some photographs from around the world and explored the many different ways that numeracy helps us in every day life. We looked at photographs of towns, airports, markets and other places. How many times a day do you use your numeracy skills...

Numeracy Centres - Active Learning

Place Value Practice

The Story of 10