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Ordering numbers washing line starter task

Ordering Numbers

 As an introduction to ordering numbers and place value all numeracy carried out the task of ordering the number of tweets, followers and .... famous celebrities have. The actual facts and figures are correct and many members of the class were surprised at the actual amount of followers certain celebrities have compared to others. 

Telling the time orally, digitally, in chronograph and in 24 hour. Not as easy as it seems.


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True Team Work

Bar Modelling

  As part of our work with fractions we used the process of bar modelling to help us solve more complex maths which are not straight forward. Children in all three maths groups were able to solve problems. Once they constructed the bars and added the information given in the question, they soon were able to complete the bars thus help them answer the questions. Mr McKane used the process of Super charged examples to get the children started.