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Using Tally Charts to record data

Numeracy Week in Year 5S

Day 5: Cross curricular activities linked to Numeracy

Day 4: Sports Mix Challenge

Today we completed some active maths activities with Sports Mix sweets. Afterwards we were allowed to eat them 👍🏻.

Day 3: Maths trail

We had lots of fun completing a Maths trail around the school.


Day 2: The answer is......What is the question?

Today we worked on a problem solving task. As a class we were given the answer- number 3 and we had to think of a suitable question. We used all 4 operations as well as word problems and literal questions. Below you can find some of our questions.

Day 1: Maths in real life contexts.

In class we discussed how we use Maths for everyday tasks e.g. measuring ingredients to bake a cake, selecting groceries according to a shopping budget, reading the time etc.


Then we worked in groups of four and designed a poster explaining how we use Mathematics in real life contexts. We tried to be as creative as possible when thinking of the various ways we see or use Maths on a daily basis.

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Subtraction

A fantastic resource which explains how Year 5 children complete written subtraction questions

Active Learning: Ordering whole numbers