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A super online resource for practising times tables! Try it at home!

This half term, Y6 are being introduced to two digit by one digit multiplication using the method of ‘small steps’. It is hoped that by using this method, the working memory will not be over filled with information and will have a better chance to become a multiplication master!

Quadrilateral Revision

Triangle Revision

Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!

On Target Coordinate Revision

Back to Back Buddy Coordinate Game - required really good listening.

Revising Coordinates

Missing Digit Addition Problems

Developing Addition/Subtraction Problem Solving Language

Revising Column Addition and using correct Mathematical language

Using our Numeracy Working Wall

Nice and Nasty Place Value Dice Game - There was even a final 'Beat the Teacher Round'.

Ordering Numbers Task

Using number fans to explore Place Value