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Christmas Cracker Number Bonds.


We had an exciting parcel delivered by our class elf from Santa! It was very exciting!
We had to help Santa to piece the broken Christmas crackers back together using our number bonds of 5 and 10. 



We made real clocks and the children enjoyed playing the game ‘What’s the Time?’ in their groups. 

Teen Numbers


We have been making teen numbers using Numicon.

Ordering Numbers


We can order numbers 1-20.

Venn Diagram


We are learning to sort using a Venn Diagram.



This week we have been learning to read o’clock times.

Active Learning Stations- Addition 


We rotated around 4 active stations during Numeracy to explore addition. Each station explored addition in a practical way. We had so much fun while learning.

Surface Area


We enjoyed using the app, ‘Geoboard’ to explore surface area. We had fun creating a two squares with a large and small surface area. 

Finding the Difference Between


We have been using our Numicon to help us find out the difference between two numbers. 

Repeating Patterns


We have been making repeating patterns with shapes.

Positional Language

We have been exploring positional language such as on, above, under, beside, to the right and to the left.



This week we have been learning to create and complete repeating patterns using 2D shapes. We were making patterns with 2, 3 and 4 shapes. 

The Story of 6


We used our numicon pieces to explore ways to make 6.

2D Shape 


This week we have been exploring 2D shape. We learned to label a square, circle, triangle, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon. We finished off by making a shape picture- take a look at our wonderful designs. 





We had great fun learning to take away using Numicon. 
We are learning to write subtraction number sentences. 



Exploring taking away through a fun bus game. 

Active Learning Stations- Symmetry


We rotated around 4 active stations during Numeracy to explore symmetry. Each station explored symmetry in a practical way. We had so much fun while learning.



We enjoyed exploring the concept of symmetry by painting symmetrical butterflies. We painted one side, folded it over and when we opened it, the other side looked exactly the same. We knew our butterflies were symmetrical because both sides looked exactly the same. Our designs were just beautiful. 

Measuring Length 


We are learning to measure length using cubes. We can compare and order objects from the shortest to the longest. 

Exploring Money- 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p Coins


This week we have been exploring money using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We began by sorting the coins and then progressed onto exploring different ways to make an amount using our coins. 

Number Bonds of 5


We have been exploring the number bonds of 5 practically using counters, dominoes and numicon. We then progressed onto writing the addition number sentences for number bonds of 5.

Number Towers


We can build number towers 1-10.

More or Less than 10?

We sorted the number cards into more than 10 and less than 10.

Which set has more?


We played a fun game in pairs, exploring the concept of ‘more’ and ‘less.’ We rolled two die, built the tower and compared in to our partners tower. The player with ‘more’ won a counter!

Tower Block Game


We had fun playing the tower block game as a group. We practised building cube towers to match the number card.