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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Neck and tummy, put on a hat! I am number 5!

This week we have been thinking of the words small, medium and large. We have had lots of fun! Our story of Goldilocks and tithe Three Bears has really helped us learn what these words mean!

We have really enjoyed exploring the concept of heavy and light!

Down, across and cut it in half, I am number 4!

Active learning stations:1 2 3!

We used our 2D shapes to build a house!

WALT: Sort for shape!

Go straight down and then you’re done! I am Number 1!

WALT: Sort for size!

We had lots of fun learning about the number zero today! We practised forming zero correctly using shaving foam and went outside to make giant zeros!

Decorating zero!

Number of the week: Zero!

WALT: Copy a 2 colour pattern!

WALT: Make matching pairs.

WALT: Sort for colour.