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Sorting Shapes

Measuring - We used our feet to measure objects around the classroom

Using numicon to solve subtraction problems

Using Numicon to make teen numbers and sequence numbers

Postal Worker Training

This week in numeracy we are training to become postal workers.  We thought about all the skills you use.  We practised weighing different parcels and were able to discuss how heavy and light each package was.  We used the beebot to direct the Jolly Postman to the correct houses.  We practised using money to buy items at the Post Office.  We had to practise adding numbers and making sure we delivered them to the correct house number.  It was very hard work but everyone passed with flying colours!

Making doubles

Shape Hunt

We went on a shape hunt around school.  Look at all the shapes we discovered.  We used the app PicKids to make a collage.  What shapes can you see at home?

Making Amounts

We practised making different amounts in our purse.  We used 1p, 2p, and 5p coins.

What coins can you find at home?


We have been practising how to measure different objects.  We had to work together as a group to measure different objects, then we recorded our results on the iPad using the app ExplainEverything.