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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Literacy Activities

Today was Christmas Jumper Day.


This was to help raise money for our school funds.

Making connections in literacy we looked and discussed the designs of our 

own Christmas Jumper and then we had the opportunity to

observe and compare our peers.


To conclude the activity we designed a jumper and labelled the parts

developing our vocabulary.

I’m a little Snowman ☃️Poem.


We are learning this poem and developing the concept of rhyming words.

Syllable Work.


Counting out the number of  syllables in words by clapping out 👏, putting hand under our chins to see how many times our chin touches our hand 🖐 and using a robot voice. 🤖 

Making our three new words of the week




We are learning about tall, small and long letters as 

well as counting the number of letters in each word.

We are becoming more confident building

two and three letter words using our individual letters.

Also practising making sentences using our words.


Practise makes Prefect!

Building our new words - look, at, me using the interactive white board.

Rhyming Words


Using the interactive board, pictures, our brains and our language ability to become familiar and develop the concept of rhyming words.

Words of the week:

in, can, like


We played find the words around the classroom with the aim to help recognise and recall each word.

Afterwards we coloured coded each word discussing tall, small and long letters and saying each letter as well as counting the letters in each word.


To finish we practiced writing the words on whiteboards - emphasising correct pencil grip.


As part of our theme.

We have been learning obout how we look, feel etc. from discussions, sharing books and ICT links.


Today - we looked at the features of our face using mirrors, the children had the opportunity to explain to their peers what they saw.

Afterwards they made their face on a digestive biscuit using icing sugar (which we made together) and sweets.

This was a lovely treat and best of all we got to take our biscuit face home to eat it- yummy!


Letter of the week was Tt.

We are learning the sound for the letter, how to write it correctly and also thinking of words beginning with the letter sound.


As a treat - when made tea and toast and of course the best part was drinking the tea and eating the toast!!

A toaster and a teapot was used which are also words beginning with t.



Building words -using individual letters.


We are learning to use our sounds to make words.


This is a difficult concept- but we know that Practise makes Perfect!


This is an important concept that we need to develop and it is vitally important that sounds and building of words and recall of high frequency words are reinforced at home every night!!

Word Building new words.


We are learning about letters make words, the number of letters in words, and size - tall, small and long letters.


Busy 🐝 bees in Y1 OB.

Incy Wincy Spider Rhyme

Focusing on syllables - clapping 👏 

                         -  hand under chin

                         - having a robot voice


Opportunity to investigate a spout and how the water flows down it.


We also made spiders for our wall display.



New words Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy.


We have been learning about each character and have used the interactive 

whiteboard to practice letter formation to write the names.

We also have been discussing how many letters in each word and whether it is a tall, small or a long letter.

We have been learning that letters make words and learning to match the letters in our name.

Well Done - you all did super work and now we have a lovely colourful cloud name wall display in our classroom.

Learning new words Mum, Dad.

We are gaining knowledge developing our recognition and recall skills, 

counting the number of letters,

looking at tall and small letters,

learning that letters make words

and practising writing the words on the interactive board.