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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Literacy Activities

Fun Christmas Activities revising concepts previously taught.
Circle-time using Santa’s hat. 

Fixing sentences to include a capital letter at the beginning, leaving finger spaces and putting a full stop at the end.

The children are encouraged to remember when writing to place the letters correctly on the line.  If it is a long letter like p or g it goes below the line, small letters like a and i sit on the line and tall letters like d and h go upwards to nearly reach the line above.

Please keep reminding your child at home this concept and emphasis correct letter formation.

Making ‘ip’ words on the Interactive White Board.

Reading activity at home related to the book - Masks.

The children were very creative to make a mask and they all got a special treat from Mrs Ogilby-Black for their effort!

All the masks were fantastic, thank you to all the Mums and Dads for your support completing the given activities at home, it is very much appreciated!

Learning ‘ot’ words

We are learning about characters.

Our activity was to name and match the characters on the IWB.

Follow on activity was to cut and stick.


Well boys and girls you are showing good understanding.

Writing sentences to describe the picture and 

developing understanding of using ‘at’ ending words.

We have been learning about instructions.

To help us understand the concept, we made toast and afterwards we had to 

put the given instructions in the correct order.


The toast went down very well as an extra treat!

Reading time.

Shared Sentence writing on the IWB.

Practising ‘ad’ ending words on whiteboards.

We made a witches hat, using an ice cream cone, a biscuit, melted chocolate and sprinkles.

We melted the chocolate in the microwave.  This was then used to cover the cone and also the biscuit.  The cone was covered with sprinkles and placed on the chocolate coated biscuit.  We covered the biscuit with the melted chocolate to make the cone stick. Well done girls and boys this was a fun activity in class and best of all was getting to eat them!


Room on a Broom.

Describing words for a witch!

Using the IWB 

to make sentences to match the picture.


Unjumble the letters to make the word.

Reading time 


As part of our guided reading we are learning to understand and discuss the story in the reading books.   It also a time to revise sounds, high frequency words, writing cvc words and write simple sentences in a small group.

Independent word building and sentence writing.


Keep up the hard work boys and girls ✍️ 

Using pictures to match rhyming words...

dog and log

tree and bee

cat and hat etc.

Using ICT to develop the concept of

rhyming words.

Writing sentences using can/see.


Well done girls!

Practising correct letter formation

using whiteboards.

Learning to write cvc words.
We were learning about Booby Bump rhyme and how he needed a bandage 🤕 

We’re going on a Bear Hunt.


We went around the school grounds acting out the story and using the correct language as we went through all the different environments.



We are learning the concept of labelling and making 

cross curricular links to our WAU theme 


by labelling the parts of a car.

 🚗 🚙


Well done girls and boys you all completed this activity!

We are practising letter formation to ensure that we start at the correct place and flick some lower case letters.


Please remember at home to remind your child to hold their pencil ✏️ correctly and when completing written activities that all letters are correctly formed.

We are learning the concept of labelling.

Our Activity was to label parts of the car 🚘 correctly.

Letter formation on whiteboards.
Building words on the interactive whiteboard.