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Reading Vipers

V-I-P-E-R-S is an anagram that we will use in Year 6, to develop comprehension skills. Sometimes, we will focus broadly on a range of viper skills, while at other times, we might hone in on one particular viper to develop a particular skill. 

Writing -Ed Sentences

AR Reading

Using Conjunctions

Character Studies

Dear Diary...

We watched a YouTube clip of the Viking raid at Lindisfarne Monastery. We discussed what we saw, heard, felt and thought. We shared some fabulous vocabulary and then we imagined what it would have been like if we’d been a monk who experienced the raid. We created a plan and then worked with a partner to develop our thinking in the form of a diary. We really got into character... we were there!

Writing Instructions 

We watched a video called Red Miss Take and discussed how the recipe for the characters could be improved. We know it is important to give clear instructions and specific details and we will use our learning to explore features of instructional writing, different forms and key features. 

Making A Sandwich


Today, we worked with a partner to write instructions for a beef paste and cheese sandwich. We used our learning about a recipe and its features. We also watched a video and the teacher tried some of our instructions. None worked perfectly so we worked together to improve our ideas.
It was great fun watching the sandwich being made without the butter being opened or the butter knife being used with the handle instead of the blade! We realised that we needed to be very accurate and write exactly what we meant!