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100% in very tricky spellings (I before e except after c) There are of course exceptions to this rule. YOU JUST HAVE TO LEARN!

Complex sentence construction, using subordinate and main clauses. We want to make our writing exciting

Genres (types of writing)

 In our new writing topic in literacy of comparing the writing styles of two different authors writing styles. We went right back to back to basics different types of genres. We used out current AR reading books and classified them into different genres. It really got us thinking. Some of us like certain types of genres best. While some of us love to read a variety of genres.

We will be writing in the style of Lemony Snicket  ( genres = adventure, fantasy, dark comedy) a lot of us have read his books. 

We will also be writing in the style of Jacqueline Wilson ( Realistic Fiction) a lot of us have read her books too. 
Watch this space......


Non-Chronological Reports

  As part of our writing in literacy Mr McKane showed us the components of a non-chronological report. We then within our literacy groups identified and highlighted these components. In pairs we the agreed on a subject. We carried out research and wrote our own non-chronological reports. We all really enjoyed both researching and writing our reports. 

Finished non-chronological reports

Famine Cottage Creative Writing 
Based on our Class Novel Under the Hawthorn Tree


Persuasive Writing

As part of our work on persuasive writing in Literacy we have been looking at the characteristics that make a good piece of persuasive text. Such as bossy (imperative) verbs, rhetorical questions, superlatives, connectives, etc. After taking part in a role playing activity Year Y7M then put these into a plan for a formal letter for Mrs Murray to persuade her to keep swimming and the Holland trip going. Here are some of our arguments for Swimming lessons and the Holland trip.....

Boost moral during the time in our history.

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Swimming is important.

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Fear of flying

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Swimming gives children courage

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Being able to swim could save your life and prevent you from drowning.

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Children may never have the opportunity to go to Holland again.

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Great opportunity to try out new state of the art Lake Side Swimming Pool.

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Practise and improve our knowledge of swimming from Year 6.

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Swimming lessons takes your fears of the water away so you can have fun.

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Missing out on an important life skill.

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Guided Reading

Year 7M started Guided Reading. Groups compared and contrasted events within books from the past with current affairs today. Others used skimming and scanning techniques to locate information. While children were magpies and collected information from books. 

Connectives Task

The class were introduced to connectives using their white boards they were given a connective and a famous landmark in Northern Ireland. They then had to write a sentence which was grammatically correct with the connective and the landmark in it. 

Connectives whole class task.