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First Guided Reading of 2020 On Poems as Completing Personification Poems in Literacy

Shakespeare's Macbeth

 In Literacy we studied the old English Language that Shakespeare used in his plays. We completed comprehension activities and completed Guided Reading activities on the great play Macbeth. Groups summarised the story and found evidence from the book on Macbeth's appearance, character and his actions. Other groups showed empathy towards a servant boy called Conn who witnessed all of Macbeths actions from brave and courageous to evil and muderous. 

Instructional Writing

  As part of our work in Literacy and World Around Us. We revised instructions and wrote instructions on how to make fifteens buns and how to make a simple but affective bird feeder from a tetra pack juice carton.  Not only did we write these but we put our instructions into practice. The buns were delicious. We used chocolate instead of cherries. We used Mr McKane (an adult) to help us cut our cartons. We had a very busy but worthwhile morning. Mrs Cairns helped with the buns also. 

Putting our instructions into practice Making buns.

Making bird feeders from our instructions.

Famous People who contributed to flying.

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World Book Day 2020

Best Day Of The Year

  This year's theme was share a book. Children, as well as dressing up, wrote a short summary of a book they have read. We then shared that book with a partner. Mr McKane shared his favourite series of books he read as a child. 

Dressing up for the occasion 📜