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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Sound of the week- j


As part of learning the letter and sound j, we made delicious jelly.

This is part of our jolly phonics song, ‘Jelly and jam, jiggling on the plate!’

World Book Day Celebrations

We had so much fun celebrating work book day. Don’t we all look fabulous in our costumes?!
We had a special assembly, read stories, discussed our favourite storybook and made a lovely bookmark to take home! 

Labelling- Penguins 


As part of our winter topic we have been learning about animals that live in Antarctica. We discovered different facts about penguins.  We are learning to draw and label a picture.

Word Building 


We are learning to build words using our sounds e.g. bat, cat, mat. This is something to try at home with your sound box.

Winter Topic: We are learning to label a penguin.


We explored different facts about penguins.  We learned how to label each part of a penguin.

Look at our wonderful drawings!

Sound of the week: u


We are learning to sound out, recognise and write the letter u.  Can we think of words beginning with the letter u?

Winter Topic: We are learning to label a polar bear.


We explored different facts about polar bears. We learned how to label each of a polar bear.

Winter Topic: Do you want to build a snowman?


We sequenced how to build a snowman. We then created our own class snowman and built it together. He is called Frosty! We learned how to label each part.

Sound of the Week- h


We had great fun exploring our sound of the week ‘h’.

We are learning to write the letter h.  Keep practising h at home!