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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


World Book Day


Sharing and Reading some fantastic books.

Reading  - with practise reading improves.

Reading exercises the brain

Reading improves concentration 

Reading develops knowledge 

Reading improves vocabulary and language skills

Reading develops imagination 

Reading helps develop empathy 

and Best of all -READING IS FUN!

World Book Day


We made a book marker as part of our Literacy activity.

Words of the week.

old, with, now


Missing words and learning about the shape and number 

of letters in the words.

The Enormous Turnip


We acted out the story - pulling, heaving and yanking the enormous turnip

and eventually with the help of the old man, the old woman, the boy, the girl, the cow, the dog, the cat and the mouse the turnip 

finally popped out of the ground.

Using our phonic skills to build 

three letter words on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Learning to label a polar bear features.


We also made a polar bear hand print which we labelled in 

our Literacy activity books.

During a guided reading session we spent time writing a sentence together.   Focusing on capital letters at the beginning of the sentence,  spacing each word, using our phonic skills to sound out and ending the sentence using a full stop.


Well Done girls and boys I am so proud of your sentence!

 As part of our Topic Winter

we made melting snowmen.

We are learning how to follow instructions 

and be independent learners.


Words of the week.

Literacy Activity 

discussing winter weather and winter clothing.

Why and how we need to keep warm.

We dressed the boy on the Interactive board 

before completing it individually developing 

our cutting skills and understanding of warm

clothing before placing it correctly on the body.

We labelled each item of clothing.

Reading Time.

Developing our language and communication skills.

Using the hoops to help develop the concept of explaining 

for example - tell me about your weekend?

              1st hoop - My mummy and I.                     (Who)

               2nd Hoop - went to the shoe shop.                (Where)

                3rd Hoop - on Saturday.                          (When)

Letter of the week Hh.


As a follow on activity we made a Humpty Dumpty 

with bendy legs.