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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Jj is for jelly!

Sound show and tell: Gg is for... grapes, girl and gloves! Thank you to everyone who brought in something for show and tell this week.

We are learning to write super sentences. We know we have to use capital letters, finger spacers and full stops.

We are learning about Winter. We know it is important to wear warm clothes.

Sound sort!

We made Christmas cards!

C is for... crisp sandwiches! Thank you Mrs Gayle for teaching us how to make them!

We wrote letters to Santa!

We went on a bear hunt and found out lots of interesting facts about bears!

Sound Show & Tell! Mm is for... monkey, mermaid, monster truck, and moose!

Friday treats! D is for... doughnut!!! Yum yum !

Sound Show and Tell! d is for...

Sentence building! This week we have been learning about what we need to make a super sentences. We know that we need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Sound pass the parcel! We played a game of pass the parcel. When the music stopped we opened the box and picked an item. We had to think of the sound the item started with and then put it into the correct hoop!

We have had lots of fun exploring rhyme!

S is for spider! We had lots of fun learning ‘Incy Windy Spider’ this week. We made our own spiders for a display!

New letter/sound: s