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Learning About Plants

In class, we are learning about plants as part of our World Around Us topic. We have learnt that some plants grow from seeds as well as from bulbs. Our class have used diverse ways of research to help us. One was to conduct an experiment to find out how plants grow by using Hyacinth bulb and broad beans.


First, we put a soaked paper towel with the broad bean in a plastic cup. This was for us to see the actual germination as well as helping us record the Life Cycle of the Broad bean.  Also, we have recorded the Life Cycle of a Hyacinth bulb.

We have looked at Pollination and the male and female parts of a plant.  

By Brandon

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Picture 10 We used newspapers to create Tree Trunks.
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Picture 17 We have looked at books for plant informations.
Picture 18 Skimmed & Scanned the Internet.
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